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Epoxy Primer  (Blister Repair/Prevention)
Premium Blister Protection with Microsheet Silicate Technology
Tuff Stuff is an extremely high-build two-part epoxy primer that dries fast, enabling application of a complete
barrier system and bottom paint in just two days. Using microsheet silicate technology, millions of microscopic
sheets overlap and build a 100% water barrier that protects the surface from moisture and water penetration.
Tuff Stuff is extremely effective for blister prevention on fiberglass, or as a bilge coating, because it is resistant
to oil and water. As a universal primer, it can be used for corrosion protection on most metals below the
waterline, and for priming any metal. Tuff Stuff creates an overlapping barrier to eliminate any direct path for
water migration. It can be applied at 10-15 mils dry film in one coat, using a brush, roller, airless or conventional
spray. Fills deep scratches and gouges in a few coats and can be sanded within 8 hours to a smooth finish.
Available in light gray and special order white.
Use over blistered fiberglass as a repair coat, and over unblistered fiberglass as a barrier coat.
Protects metals from corrosion, including: aluminum, bronze, stainless steel, cast iron and lead – above and
below the waterline.
Excellent for priming props, shafts, keels, trim tabs, thru hulls and lower units
Highest build epoxy – Fewer coats needed
Longer window between coats makes Tuff Stuff easy to use.

AF-33 has been re-formulated to be a harder, more durable finish for all types of vessels. On workboats or
daysailers, this formula performs effectively for a single season. Its lower cost saves you money.
Highest grade of cuprous oxide available (more potent active ingredient)
Harder ablative finish
Better color consistency for color matching
Consistent viscosity = better flow and rolling ability
Available Colors: Black - 3345 Blue - 3342 Dark Blue - 3330 Green - 3343 Red - 3341

Self Polishing Ablative Bottom Paint
Self-Polishing Copolymer Antifoulant– 3400 Series  
Cukote’s high loading of cuprous oxide makes this formulation a top performer, even in the most severe fouling
areas. As an ablative, self-polishing coating, there is no buildup of bottom paint over time. Your hull's
underwater surface remains smooth and clean. Cukote copolymer can also withstand removal from water
without affecting its antifouling properties. Cukote is the premium self-polishing antifouling paint that has
established the standard in the industry.
Self Polishing Ablative with Multi-Season Performance on Both Pleasure Craft, Coastal and Deep Sea Vessels
Harder Ablative Finish Makes Cukote Ideal for Fast Moving Vessels including: Pleasure Craft Power Boats, High
Speed Transports, Supply Vessels, and Ferries
May Be Taken In and Out of the Water Without Affecting Antifouling Characteristics
Does Not Contain Any Organotin Compounds (TBT)  
May Be Used on All Steel, Fiberglass, and Wood Vessels Below the Waterline That Have Been Planned
Drydockings of Less Than Three Years
Available Colors: Black - 3445 Blue - 3442 Brown - 3432 Burgundy - 3428 Dark Blue - 3430 Green - 3433 Red -
3441 Shark White - 3410 Teal - 3434

Hard Modified Epoxy Bottom Paint
Hard, Modified Epoxy – 6100 Series  Compatibility Chart
Sharkskin is Sea Hawk's traditional 45.2% copper-based hard-modified epoxy paint. Sharkskin aggressively
combats all types of marine fouling including barnacles, sea grass, green weed and other fouling organisms in
fresh and saltwater. Sharkskin can be applied over most antifouling coatings.
Most effective copper release rate
Highest grade of cuprous oxide available (more potent active ingredient)
Better color consistency for color matching
Consistent viscosity = better flow and rolling ability
Available Colors:Black - 6145 Blue - 6142 Dark Blue - 6140 Green - 6143 Red - 6141

Silver Bullet High Performance Paint
400 Series
Silver Bullet is a fresh water friction-reducing, low drag, high-performance coating. Silver Bullet provides an
immediate super-smooth racing finish without the need for sanding.
Racing finish
Compatible with VC-17*, VC-17M Extra* and SR-21**
No sanding between coats
Bright colors stay true after launch
Available Colors: Black, Blue, Red & Bright Silver

Transducer Antifouling Paint
Until now, antifouling paints presented problems with a transducer's ability to provide accurate and reliable
depth readings. Now there’s TranShield – antifouling paint specifically formulated to be safe and effective
against barnacles on transducers of all sizes. Once applied, TranShield can withstand removal from water
without affecting its performance.
No other comparable product on the market
Durable water-based formula that is safe on plastic surfaces
Does not interfere with sonar signals
Protects against barnacles on transducers of all sizes
Withstands removal from the water and maintains its effectiveness

Tin Booster™
Sea Hawk Tin Booster is a straight tin-based binder loaded with tin. Its high strength will add an extra kick to
any tin-based antifouling. You can add the whole bottle to one gallon or spread it out over several. By increasing
the amount of tin, you will also increase the effectiveness of the antifouling. Do not add more than one 8-ounce
container per gallon.
Increases tin in Islands 44 Plus and Biotin Plus
Compatible with most tin-based paints on the market
Can also be used on aluminum outboard motors as antifouling

ZPT Based Antifouling Additive
If you desire the ultimate in antifouling performance, then add Bio-Boost activator to every gallon of bottom paint.
Bio-Boost is an antifouling paint additive loaded with the newest biocide technology available.
Its potent strength adds extra protection against the harshest marine environments.
The only advanced biocide bottom paint additive on the market
Highest level of antifouling protection
Designed ONLY for Sea Hawk bottom paints AF-33, Biocop TF, Cukote, Islands 77 Plus, Sharkskin, Talon,
Tropikote, Mission Bay, and Smart Solutions.

Deck Protect
Acrylic Strippable Coating
This acrylic strippable water-borne coating forms a tough, flexible, UV resistant temporary protective film that
can be easily stripped after just a few hours, or stays flexible, pliable and strippable for months. Deck Protect
747 contains no strong solvents that can mar or damage other surfaces. Intended for use as a protective
coating over fiberglass gel coats or plastic laminates, Deck Protect may be used to temporarily protect other
surfaces, providing suitability is confirmed by test application. Deck Protect 747 may be removed by manually
peeling away coating or pressure washing.

Vinyl Ester Resin
In terms of physical properties and cost, Vinyl Ester resin is a compromise between low-cost polyesters and
epoxy resins. Its use is limited to the construction of high-performance powerboats, where vinyl ester’s
increased bond strength has helped eliminate bonding problems with core materials. Vinyl ester resin is also
used as a great water barrier when mixed properly with glass. Independent tests show vinyl ester resin applied
properly is one of the best water barriers on the market. Various color tints are available.
Available in 1-gallon, 5-gallon and 55-gallon drums.

White Gelcoat
Applied in a thickness of 15-20 mils, which gives it depth to survive considerable water sanding, compounding
and repolishing. Sea Hawk Gelcoat has great cosmetic and protective life expectancy and will keep your hull
shining like new for years. Various color tints are available.
White Gelcoat Available in quart, 1-gallon, 5-gallon and 55-gallon drums.